Ever wish you could secretly seduce your partner?


I’m pretty sure most of you said “yes” but maybe not.  As a dietitian you hear just about everything, however sometimes people do catch you off guard.  One day I was helping a patient fill out their lunch slip (they were going home after lunch).  I asked “would you like green beans or asparagus” they looked at me like I was a fool for asking such a question and then replied “asparagus of course, I’m going home after lunch” and winked.  To which I tried to contain my laughter, but many people would not even understand this, so let me fill you in.  Everyone can use a pick me up every now and then!

There are plenty of natural and safe foods that can boost your libido aka “secretly” seduce your partner and we all know we like to eat!  Let’s take a look at some of these foods and why they are (libido/sex drive?)boosters.  Now please don’t hold me accountable if they don’t work, every person is different but these are the main natural libido boosters out there.  However, a constantly low libido may be sign to get your kidney’s check out.

  • Chocolate


    Let’s start with women’s favorite first CHOCOLATE!

  • Raw cacao is full of antioxidants (more than wine!) and contains a chemical that makes us feel excited. There are studies out there that link woman who eat one piece of chocolate a day have a more active sex life than those who do not.  (see chocolate is okay in moderation!)  Unless you’re allergic to chocolate, you doesn’t love it?! Plus, now when your husband (or wife) complains about how you eat a mini chocolate bar each day you can throw this in their face and have a feeling of accomplishment.
  • Now to look at the patient’s choice ASPARAGUS
  • We all know that asparagus already is shaped…well not like other vegetables but what makes it a “booster” other than its shape?  Asparagus contains a high amount of vitamin B which not only boosts your energy but it also helps produce more histamine.  “What is histamine?”  Histamine is needed in both sexes to have a healthy sex drive.  Now, this won’t help get your kids to eat it but maybe if mommy or daddy eats it, then the kids will want to try it too.  Plus, it’s also a high energy food with its high contents of vitamin B.  WIN WIN!
    • A very commonly used seasoning…GARLIC
    • Well we all know that garlic doesn’t exactly scream “why don’t you come on over here” but it most definitely screams something.  Garlic contains ‘heat’ and a compound (allicin if you would like to know its name) which gives our libido a kick and gets are blood running.  The only sad news is that, research shows garlic doesn’t work with a snap like most natural foods.  It has to be consumed for a few weeks before it will take effect.  They do make capsules but I’d prefer just cooking with it daily myself or turning to another booster!
    • Juicy WATERMELON
    • They are a tad out of season right now but just wait till the summer.  Why do you think so many people ‘get together’ after they have a watermelon with vodka?!  (I am not suggesting this to solve any problems, it may just create more).  Anyways, back to the watermelon.  Past research has shown that watermelon works like Viagra (I am full of useless facts that I read once and they just stick).  There are plenty of watermelon recipes out there in case you get tired of just plain ole’ watermelon.  Or, if you’re like me who doesn’t really care for watermelon but loves watermelon flavored things, recipes will be your new best friend.
    • Fancy OYSTERS
    • How long have people talked about oysters being a booster? For a very long time, but why?  Oysters have an effect on your dopamine levels which helps boost your sex drive.  Plus they are healthy and contain a large amount of zinc.  Zinc is essential for healthy swimmers and testosterone production.

    I could go on and on but I know you are tired of reading so I will just name a few more just in case.  Let’s see: saffron, figs, ginseng, broccoli, bananas, berries…ok I’ll stop now.   But, if you would like to read more about ginseng and saffron you can check out http://healthbeacon.co.uk/articles/men/sexual-health/2013/10/throw-that-viagra-and-cialis-away.aspx