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Hijab Store

I will share with you all a website I have really admired for a long time. The website is hidden pearls especially if you are looking for hijab online UK. Hidden pearls is an online hijab store based in London. They stock a large variety of hijabs, Hijab underscarf, hijab caps, hijab pins, designer hijabs and basically lots of other Islamic clothing. They are quite big on hijab fashion as well. So basically if you are looking to buy hijabs online UK, then head straight to their store. Now with that said, let’s talk about why I like their website.

Their website is what I called really trendy. First of all lets look at their background, it has a nice clean white background. The colour combination is also great on the website. Its simple, a medium contrast that stands out however doesn’t shout at you either! Images of their products are extremely high resolution. The description seems to be concise, clear and to the point.

Their website is also mobile responsive. This is something I cannot stress enough. There was a time when mobile users were actually a small portion of the Internet users, however it is no more the case. In today’s World with ever increasing internet coverage and extremely powerful mobile phones, Mobile internet users are almost on par with desktop web surfers. Hence if any website is not mobile optimized, it is losing out big time.

What is Hijab

What is Hijab?

Hidden Pearls have also published a very good article on What is Hijab.

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